Mature-tree inoculation

Mature-tree inoculation trials based in central England

The tried-and-tested approach to truffle
cultivation involves planting saplings inoculate
d with the truffle fungus.
In the spring of 2007 we traile
d a new and innovative approach, by inoculating
dy established mature-trees.

The site

Truffles require an alkali soil but even acidic soils can be used with modification. However, for these mature-tree trials to be a success the site must already have alkali conditions since alteration could damage the established trees. The pH of our trial site has a range of 7.3-7.6.

The site contains 493 hazel trees (of several cultivars) arranged in rows, all of which were treated.

The treatment

493 trees on the trial site were treated with a technique we have
d over the past 7 years. Our major treatment phase was
the spring of 2007 an
d results were first taken 90 days after the initial

The results so far

Root samples taken prior to treatment showed no evidence of truffle-fungus
presence. 90
days after treatment we recorded truffle establishment
within 20% of samples. The secon
d phase of testing is underway and early indications show a 60-70% uptake.

These results are extremely encouraging, proving that other systems may be used to cultivate truffles. The predicted benefits include a shorter time to harvest and regular updates will be published here.

The first set of results were well received and data has now been published at a number of  international scientific


Contact us

If you have a site that you think may be suitable for such an approach, please contact us to discuss the various options.

Mature-tree inoculation

Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd. are currently seeking partners from a wide range of countries for the establishment of truffle plantations.

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We offer trees inoculated with either the Summer truffle (Tuber aestivum var. uncinatum) which is completely suited to the UK climate.

  • 04/17/2014 - 09:38

    Last week, we were in Morocco presenting data at two academic conferences on underground fungi. The first presented report investigates the climatic impact for the distribution of three key truffle species and the second is a large study (343 data points) on the impact of tree growth and development on truffle production. Both reports are being prepared for publication in international journals and copies will be available on request Having just returned from a academic conference and research trip to Morocco.